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About The Founder

Sunanda Rajendran is a highly accomplished individual who holds the prestigious positions of Founder Director and Secretary General at the Indo African Chamber of Commerce since 1992. Prior to this, she has served as the Executive Director of the Indo Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industries since its inception in 1983. Under her leadership, both institutions have emerged as leading premier chambers of commerce in India, with a significant focus on promoting business relations between India and Arab as well as African countries.

Passionate about advancing trade and cooperation between India, Arab, and African sectors, Sunanda Rajendran has been instrumental in successfully promoting India-Africa business ties. Her strategic vision has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of Indian industries, increasing the demand for Indian products, and ensuring uninterrupted supplies to African countries. Through her diligent efforts, she has significantly upgraded the working patterns between these regions and created global opportunities for businesses. Sunanda’s contributions have been recognized and honored by various governments and organizations. She was awarded the prestigious title of “Justice of Peace” by the Yemen Government in 1989 for her pivotal role during the unification of Yemen. Additionally, the African Chancellery conferred upon her the title of “Mama Africa” as a testament to her dedication in fostering strong ties between India and African nations.

With her exceptional skills as a mediator, Sunanda Rajendran has successfully resolved 2089 disputes between Indian and Arab companies without resorting to legal proceedings. Her commitment to strengthening India’s relations with friendly nations led her to undertake a successful tour of 62 Afro-Arab countries.
With over 40 years of practical experience in the industry, Sunanda Rajendran continues to be an efficient organizer and a driving force behind the promotion of business and cooperation between India, Arab, and African countries.

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